Companies struggle
with hiring Tech Talents. That’s where
you come in.

You have the expertise and network of techies, and we have the tech jobs and opportunities that need filling. Let’s join forces.

6 figures in 2 months

is the average Tech Verifier
income with TechieMatter

6 figures in 2 months

is the average Tech Verifier
income with TechieMatter

Who is a Tech Verifier?

Tech Verifiers are experienced individuals who invite talented techies to TechieMatter. They also ‘verify’ candidates’ areas of expertise and interview and evaluate them, ensuring they’re the right fit for the company and role. Our Tech Verifiers have a unique skillset. They have a tech background and hiring skills.

You’re a Tech Verifier if you are a

Senior Tech Recruiter

Senior Techie

Teaching Assistant In Computing Faculties

Tech Trainer Or Consultant

Do you have the network and skills to vet and verify techies?

“Working as a Tech Verifier with TechieMatter is an enriching experience for me, both professionally and financially. Through TechieMatter, I’ve recruited techies for many companies from the US to Jordan. I was also able to achieve 6 figures in a two-month period. The TechieMatter team is helpful, responsive, and guarantees your payment is made.”

Ehab Amin
Global Recruitment Consultant
14+ years of experience

As a Tech Verifier, you will

act as the bridge between companies looking for qualified tech talents and those candidates looking for better jobs. And you’re guaranteed financial rewards.

Source skilled tech talents

Use your network to recommend skilled tech talents and match them with available jobs on TechieMatter.

Conduct initial screening for techies

Assess tech talents, using your tech and hiring expertise, and match companies’ needs with skilled techies.

Filter matching Techies

Filter the screened techies, pick the best-matching candidates against the company’s needs and submit your feedback.

Earn a side income

Work from anywhere and earn money for your efforts, network, and expertise whether the client hires the techies or not.

(You will be compensated if the submitted profile is great, but not hired.)

Do you have what it takes to bridge the gap in tech recruitment?

“Working with TechieMatter is a different experience. They guided me through their process and everything was systematic and organized. The TechieMatter team is well-versed in technical recruitment, which differs from other types of recruitment.”

Mahmoud Azmi
Technical Team Leader
15 years of experience